Wednesday, October 15, 2008

USS Midway

One of the highlights was touring the USS Midway.  It was commissioned in 1945. After serving at the end of WWII, Vietnam,  and Desert Storm, it was decommissioned in 1992. No other carrier served as long. I cannot explain how big it really is. Its length is almost the length of 3 football fields. Sam and I would like to go back and spend the entire day. We just did not have enough time to see everything. I wonder how long it would take for a new crew member to stop getting lost . . . Kyle really liked it even though it was educational.

Yeah, I finally got the pictures to upload.
This is the first plane you see when you board. It is a WWII plane. I'm not sure any more than that.
Someone must have told them about Katy, because she ended up behind bars.  You can see her wearing the headphones they give you there. It is a self guided tour. This way you can go at your own speed. When you get to a location on the carrier with a number, you press that number on the player and it tells you all the information.
There was a real plane (minus the wings) to climb in and see. Sam thinks it was an electronics plane. I couldn't believe all the knobs and gadgets there were.
Me on the flight deck behind a . . . a . . . a plane. Ask Sam, he'd know what kind. Okay I asked, Sam thinks it was an F18.
Sam and Brayden with another plane. You probably know what kind.
A helicopter. I'll ask Sam what kind and let you know.
Corey, Cade, and Katy

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

I bet Brayden loved all the buttons and gadgets! My kids would have loved it! Looks like you guys had a busy but fun and exciting vacation!