Sunday, July 12, 2009

HS Reunion Report

I already admitted that I was a little nervous heading into my 25th HS Reunion. Now I can say I had such a  good time. I was able to visit with friends I had not seen since graduation. It was funny how we all looked the same, but . . .  just older.  I won the "Traveled the Farthest" Award, unofficially. Many of my HS comrades still live in Tennessee and many still in or close to Jackson. My best friend in HS and her husband, also a North Side graduate, came from Ohio.

Candy and Marty - It was GREAT!!! Hope to see you soon. How about Arches or Zions????
We took a moment to remember those from our graduating class who have already passed away, including my cousin, Lee Nelson. They were all too young.

Thank you to our host and hostess, Sandy and Randy, for  all their work, and for opening their home to us all. I look forward to #30!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

From Grandma

I just wanted my sweet grandbabies to know, Grandma misses them and can't wait to see them when I get home.

Grandma loves you Aida, Ariah, Ellie, Abbey, Ashton, Brayden, and Cade.

25th HS Reunion

Did I really say that? 25 years? Where did the time go?

Tonight I go to my 25th reunion. I haven't seen some of these people since graduation. I'm excited and a little nervous. My mind keeps asking

  • What if I don't remember anyone?
  • What if no one remembers me?
  • Will we have anything in common (other than HS)?
  • Will we have anything to talk about?
  • Will I be the only one who doesn't look the same?
  • Am I the only one who's asking these questions??
Okay, I'm sure it will be fine. I'll make sure to take some pics and let you know when I get back. Wish me luck!!

Shiloh National Military Park

Jerry, Kathy, Kyle and I went to Shiloh today. All those years I live here I never went to Shiloh. Why is it you seldom tour what's in your own state? Here's a short summary on the Battle of Shiloh.

Has any one else noticed the older you get the more interesting history is?? Why is that??? 
"The Battle of Shiloh was one of the first major battles in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. The two-day battle, April 6 and April 71862, involved about 65,000 Union troops under Ulysses S. Grant and Don Carlos Buell and 44,000 Confederates under Albert Sidney Johnston (killed in the battle) and P.G.T. Beauregard. The battle resulted in nearly 24,000 killed, wounded, and missing. The two days of fighting did not end in a decisive tactical victory for either side—the Union held the battlefield but failed to pursue the withdrawing Confederate forces. Strategically, however, it was a decisive defeat for the Confederate forces that had concentrated to oppose Grant's and Buell's invasion through Tennessee. The battlefield is named after Shiloh Methodist Church, a small log church near Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee."

Kyle's New Shoes . . . by the way, Kyle took this picture.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cade's Second Haircut

I wonder how many haircuts I'm going to document. You think when he's turning 14, I'll still be meeting him there with the camera in hand?? Okay, I know, it's got to stop sometime, but just look at him. You'd show up too!!!
Katy took him to a new place, Cookie Cutters. We couldn't figure out the name at first, but then we saw why. I'll share that one a little later. This place specializes in kid's cuts. 

All of the chairs are some kind of car, motorcycle, dune buggy, yep, I said dune buggy. Cade got the blue car, mainly because it was the smallest one there. 

Then they asked if he'd like a movie, a movie?!?! Each station has it's own TV and DVD player. If the child is old enough, they can play video games, really!!! Katy picked The Best of Elmo. As you can see from the pic above, Cade was glued.

Cade did great, no tears or screams. I wouldn't either if I got a car and a movie. I wonder if they do adults??

Ta Da . . . . isn't he gorgeous??? He looks so much older now, at least 20 months instead of his 18 months, ha ha.

Okay, so I said I'd tell you why the place is called Cookie Cutter. When Cade was finished he got to choose what color  balloon  he wanted. They attached it to a small weight with a sucker taped on. Upon closer look, we realized the weight was a cookie cutter, flag shaped to be exact. What a deal!!

Benjamin and Candace

Congratulations on your Engagement!!
We are so happy for you both. We look forward to the wedding (less than 5 weeks away) and visiting with family. (In case you don't know, Benjamin is our nephew on Sam's side.)

News from Chad

Just a short excerpt from Chad's letter this week. Still counting down with only  43 days left.

Well this has been quite the few days. Saturday was my birthday and some things happened. I went out to dinner then had sports, but I did get calls for President and Sister Nielson, President and Sister Moffat, and Elder and Sister Carter!!!! It's been a long time so that was way good, they also brought good news. The man we baptized is going to the temple to be sealed to his wife in December!!!!! That's great!!!!! I was filled with joy to know that he is doing well and staying strong. The other night I saw Elder McCarrey. He is going home, had I taken the early date I would be with him, but I chose to stay (just ask my mother about that, I love you mom).

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Balloon Festival

Every year there is a balloon fest. Balloonist from all over come and talk to spectators as they fill their balloons and lift off.

This year I managed to get Kyle up early 6:00 A.M. to go. We took with us his friend, James, and my nephew, Agustus. Tyler and Katy both bailed on us this year :(

This was the first year I remember seeing Tony the Tiger. Smokey the Bear was there too, but I didn't get a photo.
There were 15-20 balloons this morning. It was fabulous!!

California Redwoods

Here we are . . . the traditional "Gotta get a picture with the California sign." Ha Ha

If you've never seen the redwoods in person, then there really is no way to describe just how big they are. I took the kids back in 2003 and still on this trip I was in awe of their size.

Looking up . . . and up. . . and up.

Sam and Kyle standing in front of the roots of one that had fallen over.

Mt. Shasta

Does that really say "Weed?"

The most beautiful rest area we've ever seen.