Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How Quickly Time Flies

Here it is March already. Chad and Aubrey have been married for almost 2 months. Tyler is planning on going back to school in May, and Kyle is finishing up 8th grade.

Chad will be leaving June 8th for basic training in San Antonio. We will all miss him, but we are so excited for both Chad and Aubrey. Sam finds it funny that even though they've been married almost two months, he still stops by for dinner. He'll always be my little boy, lol.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

No, They're Not Married Yet!!

However they did already have pictures taken. This way it takes less time after the ceremony for all the family to wait. It does seem a little strange, but oh they looked so beautiful. Now remember these are not the official photos. These are just some snapshots I took when the photographer was setting them up. He was an excellent photographer, Bryant Livingston, http://www.blphoto.com/index2.php, and we can't wait to see his work.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Look at these Beautiful Girls

This is sweet little Aliza, and yes she is as sweet to hold as she looks.

This is beautifu Aida. She is our first grandchild and we love her dearly.

This angel girl is Ariah. She is smart, funny, gorgeous, and a daddy's girl.

Annie's sister is a wonderful photographer, but then of course she has 3 beautiful subjects here. How could these photos be anything less than perfect??

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meeting Sarah Palin

Tyler got there early and saved our spots. Thanks Tyler!!!! Here's Kyle and me sitting in Costco by the bread waiting for her to arrive.

Then they passed out numbers, we got numbers 97 & 98

Time to Decorate

It seems I always make a mess pulling all the decorations up out of the basement. Then we empty a box at a time and take it back downstairs. What a lot of work for only a month. Will this ever end??

This year I had Aubrey to help do the lights on the tree. That was really nice since I'm usually the only one to do the lights. I'll have to have Aubrey and Chad visit every Thanksgiving weekend, don't you think?

Kyle's version of helping . . . let's put little ears on Josie. Okay, now we have our Christmas mouse.

Happy Birthday, Lisa

Okay, okay . . . so what if I've used the candles before!!!!

Sam, hurry and take the picture already.

Ariah's Blessing Dinner

There she is . . . the star of the show, Aliza. Nathan and Annie reserved the cultural hall at church to host a dinner the night before. This sure was easier. There was lots of room for the kids to run. To bad we forgot a basketball.

Today was Annie's dad's birthday, and what birthday would be complete without a birthday cake?

Ariah especially was having a good time with her cake. Notice the spoon in each hand?

Goodbye Katy, Cade and Corey

This was the day they really left. Katy and Cade had been living with us for a year while Corey completed some training and his deployment to Iraq. Corey came home this last fall and Katy and Cade left for California. Then they all came back for another 3 weeks. They rented a truck and packed all her stuff up. Notice how big of a truck they needed, lol. It was sad to see them leave. We all became very attached to having them with us, especially Cade.

Katy did get to leave in her brand new car!!!

Halloween 2009

I found this cute turtle costume at Costco for Cade, but it was a little to short in the body. So Alene helped us take off the hood and put a collar on the bodice. Then Katy decided to make him a Ninja Turtle and Tyler helped with the swords.

Can you guess what Kyle was for Halloween?? Yep, Where's Waldo??

Becky brought Brayden over for us and to trick or treat with Cade. I think Brayden is Yo Gabba Gabba. Don't ask me . . . I think it's some kid show that I know nothing about since my baby is 13. Although, Kyle does still watch cartoons, maybe he knows the show and character. Either way, Brayden and Cade are cute, cute, cute!!

Then Nathan and Annie brought the girls over. Have I mentions lately how much I love being a grandma?? Little Aliza was a ladybug, cute as a bug is right.

Here's 5 of our grandchildren. I wish the others could have been here too.

Brayden and Cade really got the hang of trick or treating. They were both so anxious to get to the next door and knock.

Brayden filling up his bag.

Brayden's 3rd Birthday

Brayden had a motocycle birthday party this year.  Becky, Katy, and Corey all pitched in to make his cake. They did such a good job.

Then Becky gave everyone a bandana to tie on. Sam looks a little too comfortable in his bandana, maybe he was a biker in a former life.

Brayden was so happy to be blowing out his own candles and not someone else's (like Grandma's bday candles on her cake).

Every boy's dream . . . presents, presents, and more presents.

Cute little Ariah. She's such a daddy's girl.

The Dresses that Didn't Make the Cut

Aubrey was so cute when we went dress shopping. She didn't even want a big white poofy dress, but Katy and I talked her into going and looking. At first we found the biggest, poofiest (is that really a word??) for her to try on. She laughed a little, but was not buying into it.

Then she started to loosen up and just had fun playing dress up. However, with each new dress she tried on, the more she began to like them. She even admitted she was feeling like a princess. Yes, Aubrey, you looked like a princess too.

Here's one that she liked because of the lacing in the back, but it wasn't THE ONE. The last dress she tried on brought us to tears. That's when she said the magic words, "I Love It!" And there you have it, she was hooked and a wedding dress was found. Now you just have to wait to see the real one. Hope to see you there.

Fall Leaves

Oh how I long for those beautiful, warm, colorful Autumn days!!! Kyle and Tyler piled up the leaves for Cade to play in. He didn't like be tossed into the leaves, but . . .

he really liked throwing them up.

Even Josie was having fun. She caught her first mouse of the season. Go Josie!!!

Ariah's 2nd Birthday

Aliza is doing so good now that she's home. Look at how beautiful she is.

Sleeping Angel!!!

Nathan getting ready for the pinata. Instead of busting it all up, each child got to choose a string attached to the bottom. One of the strings would open up the bottom letting all the goodies fall free. This was such a good idea because the girls then had Dora to play with for several more weeks.

Ariah getting ready to blow out her candles.

Look at what a cutie she is. I can't believe she's already 2.