Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Year Has Come

Here we are, the start of another school year. As of today I have 29 students. However, that may change tomorrow. There are only 4 6th grade classes this year and we all have 29-31 students. The first week is always the toughest. It takes some time to train a class the way you want them. They are good kids, but they really like to talk, a lot. I teach at a year round school so I start earlier in the summer. I work 9 weeks, then get 3 weeks off. I'm not sure I could go back to teaching a traditional school calendar. This year I'll get my 3 weeks off in October, 5 weeks off in January (this includes Christmas break), and another 3 weeks off in April. These off track times are great for vacations all throughout the year.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Scout Camp 2008

Hello, Mom

It was good to talk to you today. Just as I got home and had to take in all the groceries by myself, Tyler and a friend showed up and Kyle woke up.  Lucky me, they unloaded the car so I didn't have to. Leave a comment by clicking on comment after the post. Love you.
Just so everyone knows, my mom has recently started using the computer that her niece and family got her. At first she was a little nervous about it, but now she's a real pro at emailing. She also likes my blog (thanks mom). She can now see pictures of the kids whenever she wants.

Kyle's First Scout Camp

Kyle just got back from his first week long scout camp. He has earned the rank of 1st Class so far and is really liking scouts. He left last Monday morning and came home this morning. He looks pretty good and only has a few mosquito bites. The pool was out of commission, but the lake was still there. He earned his wilderness survival merit badge. I'm not sure what he had to do in the classes, but I know their final activity was to spend the night out in the woods with only a knife and a sleeping bag. There were 5 or 6 boys in Kyle's group that stayed together. The leaders made camp about a mile away just in case they needed help. Kyle hasn't really said much about the night. Of course Kyle has slept most of the day since he got back. I don't think he slept much there. Once I find out which merit badges he has earned I'll let you know. It sure was a quiet week with him gone. I'm glad he's home.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So What Do You Get A Man Who Has It All??

That's the question. What do you get a man who has all that he needs? Another CD? Movie? Book? How about a trip? That wouldn't work since we just got back from a quick trip away to celebrate our anniversary. Just about then Katy called and gave some help. Here's what we came up with.
A photo collage for him to hang in his office at work, and yes, he liked it very much. This one will match the framed photo we got in Hawaii that he has at work. It may look simple, but it was difficult to pick just the right pictures. I think it turned out nice. One more time . . .
Happy Birthday Sam, We Love You!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Sam

Okay, so once you reach a certain age you really don't care for birthdays anymore. You know they have to come each year, but reminding everyone, loudly, like when you were 16 just isn't the way you want to celebrate. So . . . with that in mind, I agreed when Sam answered my yearly question "What do you want to do this year for your birthday?"  Sam answered, "Dinner, just the two of us." We went to Ruby River for a steak. They have the best steak and what's even better is we always take home enough leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. How can you beat two for the price of one?  I plan on having the kids over this weekend for a small birthday dinner. It's difficult to get everyone free on the same night. They all have busy lives with work, school and families. It will be a while before we have all 10 together with three living out of state. One is out of state for school, another out of state with the military, and the third out of country on a church mission. I look forward to the day when all 10 plus grandkids can be here at the same time. I think I'll plan those birthday parties outside at a park, LOL.

Happy Birthday Sam, We Love You!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


We have done it. We have booked our flights and our vacation home for January. Sam and I have been wanting to go back to Hawaii ever since we did the Hawaii cruise in 2006. This time we wanted to go and just stay on one island, Maui. However, after researching many, many options we decided on North Shore, Oahu. Katy, Corey, Cade, Kyle, and Spencer (Kyle's friend) will be joining us. This will be thier first time to Hawaii. We were hoping Becky and Brayden would be coming, but circumstances have changed. There is room for 2 more just in case things change again. We are so excited to escape the winter cold for the hawaiian sun and sand. I'll post some pictures of where we are staying as soon as I can.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh, the things you can find

While we were enjoying our anniversary get away, I talked Sam into doing a little shopping at the outlets. Sam was well prepared with a book and a shady place to park. I, on the other hand, took full advantage of Sam relaxing and had amazing results shopping all the clearance sales. Now the best kind of sale isn't just a clearnace, but a clearance with an additional 50-70% off the lowest marked price. I found such great deals on baby clothes. Having 8 (the eighth is due very soon) grandchildren has put me right back into the baby stores and I love it. Of course guessing the right size for the right kid isn't always easy, but I figure eventually someone will wear it. You ask, what does Sam say? He says their his grandkids too. Of course I didn't spend all our time in baby stores. I found some great deals on shirts for Sam and a skirt for me. What a great day.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Sam and Lisa

It is our anniversary today. We've been married 6 years today. I know it doesn't sound very long, but somethings are worth waiting for. It really doesn't feel like 6 years. It seems like only yesterday I was decorating, planning, arranging, and stressing. We had a beautiful ceremony, small and romantic. Family and friends, near and far, came to share our most important day with us. I even had a few of my school students come. I think we only had one stressful incident. My dad and step-mom got lost heading to the church. We ended up waiting an hour and a half for him to show up. I knew I wasn't going to start until he was there. Looking back now I can laugh, at the time it really wasn't so funny.
We managed to slip away for a few days to celebrate. We've been able to relax and enjoy the day. We watched a sort of chick flick last night, Montana Sky. Sam even admitted that only some parts were a little high of estrogen, otherwise it was pretty good. I enjoyed all of it. We'll return home tomorrow to normal life again and see what the kids have come up with this time. Just in case you're wondering . . .
I would without a doubt marry him all over again.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tyler's New Car

Yep, you read right. Tyler finally has a car of his own. Now I know that every kid in the world is excited when they get their first car, but . . . Tyler is beyond excited. I'm surprised Tyler was able to keep breathing. He's had to wait a little longer than most for his driver's license and a car, but Tyler is certainly on the right track now. He moved from home a few weeks ago. He is living in an apartment that is close to the university here. He plans to start college this January. He wants to start off as a paralegal then on to law school. Wow!! Now he has a Mazda 3 to complete the package. We wish him every success and all the happiness there is. Congratulations, Tyler, on making the right choice. I'll keep you "posted" on his progress.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How do you beat the heat??

What do you do to beat the heat? Well, like much of the southwest you either stay inside with lots and lots of air conditioning or you head to the pool. Much of our trip to 29 Palms was the first option, however we did venture out a few times to the pool.

Cade really liked the pool. He would get so excited and kick and splash just like any kid. The pool felt more like a luke warm bath than a cold pool. You had to keep dipping your head to feel cool. Overall, we had a great time. Cade was so cute in his floating turtle. He was our turtle in a turtle.

Even though the water felt good, the sun was so bright . . .

I can't wait to see him again this coming October.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What Chocolate??

Katy shared just a little of her Fudgsicle with Cade. The first taste was too cold for him to tell, but after that he didn't let the cold slow him down. Katy was lucky to get her fudgsicle back.

He wasn't quite sure what to do when he didn't get any more.

Attempted Pictures on the 4th

Becky asked if I'd take some pictures of her and Brayden for the 4th. Brayden had another idea. He wouldn't cooperate at all. He wouldn't even look at the camera. We then gave him a little time to run around in hopes it would put him in a better mood, but that didn't help either. We finally gave up. I'll try again on the 24th. However, doesn't Becky look great??

Help Me, Grandpa!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ethel M's Chocolates

We found the ethel M's Chocolate Factory in Henderson, Nevada (just south of Las Vegas). Kyle and I found the factory and to our surprise a cactus garden. Even though it was at least 103 degrees, we walked around and looked at all the cactus. Deserts are not my favorite, but I found this garden very beautiful. Sam would have really liked this, even the heat. Since we took all that time and effort to find the place, we didn't let it go to waste. We bought several chocolate bars: milk, dark, dark with raspberry, dark with mint, milk with caramel, and milk with peanut butter. YUM YUM YUM

29 Palms, California

Kyle and I drove to 29 Palms to visit Katy,Corey, and Cade. The drive was not bad. As the day went on it got hotter and hotter. I watched the temperature climb from a cool 65 degrees to a toasty 117 degrees. Yes, that's what I said, 117 degrees. What kind of people live out here?? Oh yeah, marines!! It's a very nice base and Katy and Corey have a very nice home. Katy, Corey, and Kyle just got back from the commissary and said that the temperature has gone down to 113 degrees. I better get out my parka. Now to the important part of the trip, CADE. He has grown so much and he is still absolutely beautiful. He smiles and laughs and plays and laughs and melts Gma's heart. Tomorrow he has his 6 month check up so I'll let you know how much he weighs then. We plan on staying until Saturday. Watch for more to come.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Brayden's First Haircut

Becky finally went ahead and did it. She got Brayden his first haircut. He's over 20 months and Becky was having a hard time cutting his curls. With a little encouragement she left early this morning and came back with a little boy and not a baby. He looks older now. Can you believe how blue his eyes are. Absolutely Beautiful.

I was taking some pics and told him to say "cheese" and he did. Cheese!

Look Out Nathan!

Annie couldn't help but try her hand in the pool too.

Ariah's Turn in the Pool

Since both of the kids were having so much fun, Annie thought it would be fun for Ariah too. Ariah had a much different opinion. Annie plopped her down in the water and Ariah started screaming. I think the water was colder than she's used to in the bath. Later, Annie let her stand in the water and she was as happy a kid in water.

Summertime with Cousins

I mentioned earlier that Nathan and Annie are here visiting with the girls. Here's Aida playing in the pool with Brayden, clothes and all. It was such a needed relief. Brayden is still not so sure about sharing with this so called cousin who's been showing up lately. "She's not even looking at me. I'll try throwing the ball and see if that helps."

Aida was having such a good time dancing

Happy Birthday Chad!!!

Happy 20th Birthday Chad!! My baby is no longer a teenager. Where did the time go. Chad was due on June 30th, my mother-in-law's birthday. She was all for it, Chad being the first grandchild. I, on the other hand, being very young and head strong, said no. I want him to have his own birthday. Boy, did I eat my words. Chad was born on our nation's birthday. Poor Chad, birthday parties were always family since everyone else was celebrating the 4th with their families. Also, Chad always ended up with a red, white, and blue cake. It's a good thing he was okay with it all. He really is my all-american baby. I love you Chad and we are so proud of you. I hope you have a terrific birthday. We are thinking of you and wishing for you nothing but the best.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chad - 11Months Today

Congratulations!! You reached your 11 month mark. One more month and you will be half way, hump day. We are all so proud of you!!!

Chad is back row, 4th from the right.

Elder Update: Chad and his companion finally found a new apartment. They had been staying with another set of elders for over 2 months. I'm sure that was interesting. Chad is loving his mission and the people. They hold an English class once a week for anyone who would like to attend and spend many hours doing service for those in their area.

This is how they mark uncovered manholes.

Summertime Brayden

This last week we got out the pool for Brayden. He loves it. At first he would only stand at the edge and splash a little. Then he moved into the pool still splashing. However, do attempt to sit him down. Of course the water felt like ice. We had to keep putting in buckets of hot water to try to warm it up. Brayden would so cold he would be chattering and turning blue. That's when you would hear him throw a fit that would make any 2 yr old proud. Unfortunately, his fit wasn't because he was cold, but because he didn't want to go in and warm up. As long as the pool was out in the yard, Brayden would cry "wa ter." We may have a little fish on our hands.