Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Agustus helped Sam get our fire started. He was such a helper.

Cade had fun playing in the sand.
Here's our fire after it got going. Of course, this was my last picture of the night. My battery went dead. I hate it when it does that.

Sea Fest

In Newport there was a Sea Fest going on. See the following link about it: SeaFest in Newport, OR

There were lots of activities for the kids. Brayden got to try fishing from a boat (no water). He couldn't cast very well, so Becky grabbed the end of his line, ran out and attached it to a fish.
Ta Da . . . Brayden caught a fish.
Cade just couldn't stay awake any longer. He didn't even wake up when a turtle was painted on his cheek.
Brayden got an orange octopus painted on his cheek.

Whale Watching

I think this was at Boiler Bay. We had such a beautiful day, clear, blue sky and no wind. At first only Sam, Kyle and me were going to go. Then Katy, Becky and the boys decided to join us. Sam told Naomi and Edwin, and they wanted to come too. Now . . . you should know most of us get motion sick. So, Naomi, Edwin, Elena, Marcus, Rachel, Katy, and I all took Ginger Root to help with the sea sick.
It worked great for me and Katy, but poor Rachel, Naomi, and Edwin.

Cade was a little jealous that I was holding Brayden. He grabbed on and wouldn't let go.

Brayden didn't get sick, but wanted to stay on the bench and eat caramel corn. I think he liked the boat.

And yes . . . we did see some whales. However, I couldn't get any pictures. Everytime I would get my camera out, the whale was gone. Oh well, this little sea lion didn't mind posing at all.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A New Breed of Fish

A tank where you can crawl under and stand up inside. The kids really liked this.
Elena, Kathryn, and Julia

Becky and Brayden

Elena and Libby

Cade and Katy

Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Family Photos

Sam was a hit with his funny videos. I'm still not sure about the missing hamster one.
Marcus, Agustus, and Lucy

Cade playing Connect Four.

Katy just being herself.

Tomorrow we have lots planned including a Kite Festival and Whale Watching. Wish us luck.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lincoln City, Oregon

It's family reunion time and this year we have converged on Lincoln City, Oregon. It's beautiful here and drastically different from our last reunion location, Moab, Utah. Instead of dry, heat, and rocks, we now have damp, cool, and water. I love family reunions. Not only do we have a variety of locations, but the best part is spending time with family.

We went down to the beach with Katy, Becky, and the boys and I did take the camera, but silly me forgot to put the fully charged battery in the camera. So tomorrow I'll get some pictures and post them.

We have a 5 bedroom house that sleeps 22. The bottom bedroom has 3 or 4 sets of bunkbeds and a queen bed. That room has been designated the girls dorm room. The upstairs living room and den have been assigned the boys area. Good luck to them!!

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Today we went to the Aquarium. It was very nice and we all had a good time. We saw fish, shrimp, an octopus, sea lions, and sharks.
The kids measured their "wingspans." 

Sorry, Katy, you're a turkey vulture, lol.

Brayden was cold and snuggled with Gpa.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Strawberry Days Parade

Saturday morning was parade day. My favorite parade was the year all three of my boys were in it. Chad was drum major, Tyler played the trumpet, and Kyle carried the flag. Ohhh, good memories.

However, new memories are being made today. Katy, Tyler and me took Cade, Brayden, Aida, and Ariah to the parade this year. It was a little rainy, but not too bad. The kids had fun and ate lots of candy. It really is fun being a grandma.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

It was suppose to be a surprise, but so much for that. Katy and Becky are giving Sam a Not-so- Surprise Father's Day BBQ this afternoon. Now what Sam still does not know is it's a Luau Theme. I'll be bringing Sam's Hawaiian shirt and a lei for him to wear. Shhh . . . don't tell.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.
Happy Father's Day, Allen.
Happy Father's Day, Bob.
Last but not least . . .
Happy Father's Day, Aaron, Nathan, Jake, and Corey.

I know it's a ton of pictures, but it was so hard to choose.
Here's Katy putting on the Official Father's Day Hat!

Uncle Kyle is such a good uncle. Cade is attached and so is Kyle.

And yes, you guessed it . . . the Official Father's Day Cake. Don't you love Costco??

Such a nice picture of Sarah, Sam and Cade

Like Father, like son. In fact, on this blog is a picture of Sam and his dad sitting somewhat similar. It must run in the family.

Sam tickling Cade with some grass.

Aida, she'll be 4 in December. She's my best little friend and gives me lots of hugs.

In case you didn't know, all of Sam's kids have a thing about ears. They'll walk by and grab your lobes. Don't ask me why, but as you can see they start young, lol.

Cade playing in the baby toy. It's meant for Ashton, but Cade and Brayden both had to play in it. 
Ariah relaxing. Can you see her milk mustache??

Sarah giving Ashton kisses.

Robert and Aubrey

Aida was such a little helper. She passed out cake to everyone.

Tyler and Cade

You see what I mean?? It was too hard to choose, so I put a lot in. If you're really interested, I'll put the rest in an album on my facebook acount.