Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rambo, Look Out

So this was our quiet Sunday afternoon. Kyle got out his new nerf guns he got from Grandma C. this last Christmas/Birthday and played with the kids. First he tried to get Brayden to shoot them, but he had too hard a time with the trigger. Then Brayden became the target. Kyle let him wear the vest and glasses, safety first of course, and then set him on the stairs.

Dinosaur Museum

We started off going for a drive to see some petroglyphs, but when we got closer we found a muddy/icy dirt road. Sam thought it would be better if we didn't get stuck on our drive so we turned around. On the way home there is a dinosuar museum. We've talked about stopping before, but just haven't done it yet. Well, no time like the present.
Brayden had a really good time. He ran and ran looking at all the dinosaurs. Many of them were the same ones just from a different view. It didn't matter to him, he was having such a fun time.
They had a children's corner and we spent quite a bit of time there. Brayden dug in the sand to find bones, played with puzzles, and colored. This little pink dino was really cute. All the appendages came off and attached with velcro so kids could make their own dino. Brayden had fun pulling him apart.
In the corner of this picture is grandma holding a dino egg. It was really a puppet with a baby dino inside. I know, shame on me, but Brayden got scared and grandma kept laughing. Brayden would cover his eyes and say "I scared, I scared." I finally quit when he said "no more, I scared." Okay, grandma wiped away the tears and quit scaring the baby.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chad has a Date

I heard from Chad this morning. I love it when I do. He usually writes Monday mornings, but he had zone conference this last Monday and didn't write until this morning. Come to find out, he has known his fly home date for a short while. I'm wondering why he didn't share it with me sooner??? Maybe because he knows mom is a little more excited that he is. Oh well . . . His fly date home is August 18th. Now that didn't excite me as much as I had thought. You see, I was planning on him returning around the 1st, the same day he left. As I have found out, the church does not always exactly match the date they leave. So, as excited as I am to have an actual date, I'm a little (notice I say little) disappointed that it is almost 3 weeks later than I had anticipated.

Chad comes home August 18, 2009!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tyler Update . . .

Okay, so another little chickie has flown the coop. Tyler graduated last year and has been living at home working for a phone company. It just wasn't going anywhere, so he decided to try life somewhere else, Washington. Allen's sister has lived there for 20 years or so and loves it there. Anyway, to make a long story short, Tyler left Thursday morning. Lucky for him, Sam's sister, Marilyn (and family) live along the way. He stopped there and spent the night.
Thanks, Marilyn!!!
I know, the pictures are several years old, but that's okay.
They went to see Clyde (cousin) fiddle and got to visit with Aunt Rachel and her older son Dan. Tyler said he had a really nice time visiting with family. I am fully aware of how blessed I have been to have so much family who have accepted me and my children.
Friday morning he got up early and finished his drive in to Federal Way (south of Seattle). Now Tyler is on the hunt for a job. I ask that you  keep him in your prayers that he will be safe and find a job that will support a new life in WA.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New to Facebook

Okay, so I was a little doubtful at first about this Facebook thing. I gave it a try and now I'm completely addicted. The crazy thing is how fast I found people I knew already on Facebook.
  • Family
  • Friends from high school (yes, I know that was forever ago)
  • Friends from my neighborhood and church
  • Friends of Chad, Tyler, and Kyle
  • Former students of mine
I think the most exciting thing is finding high school friends and catching up with them. I'm coming up on my 25 years since I graduated. Really . . . where did the time go. So if you happen to be a fellow facebook addict, look me up and add me to your list of friends. I'd love to hear from you.