Friday, August 28, 2009

Kyle's First Game of the Season

 Kyle was so excited about his first football game this year. He has some really good coaches this year. They teach them the skills and the positions. They have really been working hard at practice. Unfortunately, the other team practiced just as hard. We lost our first game. However, Kyle played awesome, and he looked dang cute in his uniform (don't tell him I said that). Don't worry, Kyle, you'll get'em next week. Go Vikings!!!

 In case you couldn't figure it out . . . Kyle's #16.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome Home Chad

I'm so glad to have Chad home. He arrived Tuesday night. I thought he would never come down that escalator. We sent Kyle up to get the first picture of Chad coming through the gate, then Kyle was suppose to run down ahead of him and get more pictures. We kept watching for Kyle to come flying around the corner, leaping down the stairs, but . . .  no Kyle, and . . . no Kyle.

Finally someone says, "There he is." (They'd been saying that the whole time just to see my reaction, it was getting old. Although I did tighten up and look each time.) I looked and my brain just didn't register who I was seeing. Then it hit me. . . there was Kyle riding down the escalator with Chad next to him. So much for the pictures.

I'll finish the story later as I have time.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cade's Surgery

Cade went into the hospital today for surgery. He was to have his adenoids removed and maybe his tonsils. He was doing pretty good before.  Here he is getting ready to leave. Cade was fine, but mom was a little nervous.

The pre-surgery room was filled with toys and other children waiting for their turn. Sam put him in a little wagon and pushed him back and forth. Anytime Sam would stop, Cade would let him know about it. 

Doesn't he look absolutely adorable in his little scrubs???

Mom and Cade having a playful moment before they take him in.

The doctor was going to wait until Cade was under before making a final decision about the tonsils. About 20 minutes into the surgery, Katy got a call. Cade's tonsils absolutely had to come out. We were told his tonsils were almost the size of a walnut each. 

He's been drinking apple juice and Grandpa got him some gummi worms. Unfortunately, he's not been holding anything down. The nurse brought him something that will help with the nausea. I hope he gets some sleep soon.