Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Trip Continues

The next morning we are up and at them late, real late. Since we were officially on vacation we slept in. Once we were finally up and moving we made our first stop at Wal-Mart. Isn't it great how you can find a Wal-Mart every where you go. We left Tyler around noon and headed for Tennessee. My mom had no idea we were coming. I had not said anything just in case plans changed. We spent most of the day driving through Arkansas.

The last time we drove from TX to TN was December of 2001. We had flown in to Dallas to watch the 49er's play the Cowboys. After the game waiting for traffic to thin, Sam suggested we drive to Memphis and watch the Liberty Bowl, BYU vs. Cardinals (by the way, both my teams lost). That particular year most of the AR was under construction so the drive was longer than you would expect.

We finally got to Jackson, TN around 9pm. We found a hotel and checked in. Not wanting to wait until morning we drove out to see my mom. I knew she'd still be up. I called her from outside of her door. We said the usually greetings and then she asked if I was in TX. I said no, but offered no further information. Finally she asked " . . . so where are you?" Smiling I answered, "Outside your front door waiting for you to let me in." She replied, "You're kidding?!?" It was a great surprise. We went and visited for about an hour or so.

Here are some of the old pictures she got out for Sam to see. Can you guess who they are? Yep, the cute one is me. Next is me and my mom at a petting zoo. The last one is of my mom and her sister, Sue. I'm unsure of their age in this photo. Mom, if you're reading this, let me know how old you were.?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tyler, Texas

We left Kyle at Gpa's house with 11 other cousins. Did I mention we left quickly. What a brave man to take on 12 grandkids at one time. Aunt Marilyn stayed for support. We wished them both luck at took off around 6pm. We made it to Tyler, Texas around midnight. We would have made better time by taking the interstate, but we both enjoy the smaller roads and the towns we discover along the way. We both liked Tyler very much. We had to send a picture to Tyler with me on the phone talking to Tyler.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aida Ann

You know I couldn't forget our Aida. Aida is our first grandbaby and look how she has grown. She's a happy big sister who loves horses. That will be useful information for an upcoming birthday and Christmas. We can't get over how tall she is. Of course she's as smart as she is beautiful. We are looking forward to when she lives closer so Gma and Gpa can spoil her on a daily basis.

Brayden wasn't so sure about sharing his toys with his cousins. Aida was having no problem. She wanted to take a ride with Brayden on his dump truck.

She was even willing to take back seat and let Brayden drive. Brayden was still having no part of that.


Ariah Rose

I know I promised a picture of Abigail, but I have not been able to get one yet. I promise just as soon as I do, I'll post. As for now . . .
here are the first pictures I have of Ariah. Well, the first pictures I've been able to take of Ariah myself. This last week was the first time we have met sweet Ariah. Nathan and Annie moved out of state last summer before Ariah was born. Much to our regret, we were unable to go see her. This summer Nathan and Annie were able to visit both sides of thier family. We are so grateful for the time we have been able to visit with them and get to see the girls. We are hoping for more time before they have to return home. She is such a happy little girl. Aida is so good with her. Now that I've seen her and held her pictures from Annie just won't be good enough.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Welcome Abigail

Aaron and Lori have added to their family. Abigail Marie was born today. She wasn't due until July. I guess she just didn't want to wait. Everyone is doing well. As soon as I have a picture, you'll be sure to see it. Congratulations!! We love you.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sam and Kyle On the Road Again

Sam and Kyle left this morning heading for Texas. Kyle is expected at Grandpa's for the "Grandpa's Summer Trip for Cousins." This is Kyle's second year attending. He loves it. Last year Kyle, several cousins, and Grandpa went to Yellowstone National Park. This year they will be staying at Grandpa's house with daily field trips scheduled. It doesn't matter where they are, Kyle loves going (or maybe he loves leaving home, I'm not sure which). Because of my astronomy class I missed the drive to Texas. I'll be flying in on Saturday. Since we were not exactly invited to spend the week with Gpa and the kids, I suppose Sam and I will have to settle for a weeks vacation in Texas alone. Did you catch the end of that last sentence??? ALONE!! I'm sure we can somehow manage without the kids. LOL.

Guess Who???

This is our niece, Ande. Isn't she cute as a button? I think she's due in

September. I know she's not real happy with us right now. We were not able to stop and meet her husband while we were in Texas. We'll have to make it up to them next time. Sam's sister, Jenny, and her family drove through on their way to the west coast. We were fortunate enough to have them stop on their way and stay the night.

More nieces: Summer, Kathryn, Julia, and Kirsten

Astronomy for Teachers

What a terrific week. My principle allowed myself and a co-worker to attend a week long astronomy class in Castle Dale. I was able to earn 3 credits from UVU by attending. My school district paid for all fees including food and lodging. What a great deal for me. I know . . . why Castle Dale?? Because of its location observing the night sky is particularly successful. I have learned so much this week. During the day we have class time. I have learned the difference between constellations and asterisms. I have learned the names of specific stars and been able to locate them in the night sky. Once it gets dark then we began the lab portion. We have been night sky watching for 3 nights. The first night out I saw Saturn's rings, WOW!!! The next night a storm blew in and we couldn't see much. The final night I saw the very most. However, we didn't leave until 3:30 am. The entire evening was not observing the sky. The last 2 hours were spend sitting around a fire with several other students waiting for an all important signature that could be exchanged for an A, no joke. That is a very long story, one I'd just soon forget. Otherwise, I have had an excellent experience where my interest in space has been peaked. I'm so excited about sharing this with my students next year.