Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome Home Chad

I'm so glad to have Chad home. He arrived Tuesday night. I thought he would never come down that escalator. We sent Kyle up to get the first picture of Chad coming through the gate, then Kyle was suppose to run down ahead of him and get more pictures. We kept watching for Kyle to come flying around the corner, leaping down the stairs, but . . .  no Kyle, and . . . no Kyle.

Finally someone says, "There he is." (They'd been saying that the whole time just to see my reaction, it was getting old. Although I did tighten up and look each time.) I looked and my brain just didn't register who I was seeing. Then it hit me. . . there was Kyle riding down the escalator with Chad next to him. So much for the pictures.

I'll finish the story later as I have time.

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