Sunday, October 11, 2009

Visit with Katy and Corey

We made it here safely and now we are reaping the rewards, Cade. After some unpacking in their new home, we went for a swim. At first the wind was a little too much so we just sat and enjoyed the sun. Cade enjoyed the rocks. He loved putting them down his shirt, through the table bench, on dad's back, in the bush, you guess it and he probably did it.

Why is it Katy always needs a little help getting in the water?? Good thing Corey is here to lend a helping hand. He he he. Katy protests, but I think she really does like it. What do you think??

 Cade was a little polar bear. He loves the water and doesn't seem to get cold. Katy and Corey tossed him back and forth, and he loved it!!!!


Sam took him out and was going to help in jump in to Katy, but Cade just walked right in, no jumping, just stepped off the edge and in he was. Good thing Katy notices when his lips turn purple and takes him out anyway. This boy loves to swim.Then Katy and Corey treated us to dinner. They grilled steaks. Life is so good!!!

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