Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Aubrey and Chad showed up to help with the pumpking carving this year. It's never my favorite thing to do, but Katy was so excited.

I'm not so sure about this bunch . . . They seemed a little too excited to play with knives.

I remember when Kyle was too little to carve his own, now look at him. And yes, he always has that ipod plugged in at least one ear.  I think it has attached itself.

Aubrey was the only one not playing with a knife. It's a good thing there will be someone to keep an eye on Chad.

Cade was not happy at all when Katy put his hand down in the pumpkin. Even when his had was out he cried until she wiped him clean. So much for Cade helping this year.

Corey's second pumpkin of the evening. Hmmmm, what should I carve now????

One of our beauuutifulll jack o'laterns. Holidays really are so much more fun with kids and grandkids!!!!!

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