Saturday, December 12, 2009

Halloween 2009

I found this cute turtle costume at Costco for Cade, but it was a little to short in the body. So Alene helped us take off the hood and put a collar on the bodice. Then Katy decided to make him a Ninja Turtle and Tyler helped with the swords.

Can you guess what Kyle was for Halloween?? Yep, Where's Waldo??

Becky brought Brayden over for us and to trick or treat with Cade. I think Brayden is Yo Gabba Gabba. Don't ask me . . . I think it's some kid show that I know nothing about since my baby is 13. Although, Kyle does still watch cartoons, maybe he knows the show and character. Either way, Brayden and Cade are cute, cute, cute!!

Then Nathan and Annie brought the girls over. Have I mentions lately how much I love being a grandma?? Little Aliza was a ladybug, cute as a bug is right.

Here's 5 of our grandchildren. I wish the others could have been here too.

Brayden and Cade really got the hang of trick or treating. They were both so anxious to get to the next door and knock.

Brayden filling up his bag.

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