Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Dresses that Didn't Make the Cut

Aubrey was so cute when we went dress shopping. She didn't even want a big white poofy dress, but Katy and I talked her into going and looking. At first we found the biggest, poofiest (is that really a word??) for her to try on. She laughed a little, but was not buying into it.

Then she started to loosen up and just had fun playing dress up. However, with each new dress she tried on, the more she began to like them. She even admitted she was feeling like a princess. Yes, Aubrey, you looked like a princess too.

Here's one that she liked because of the lacing in the back, but it wasn't THE ONE. The last dress she tried on brought us to tears. That's when she said the magic words, "I Love It!" And there you have it, she was hooked and a wedding dress was found. Now you just have to wait to see the real one. Hope to see you there.

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