Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chad has a Date

I heard from Chad this morning. I love it when I do. He usually writes Monday mornings, but he had zone conference this last Monday and didn't write until this morning. Come to find out, he has known his fly home date for a short while. I'm wondering why he didn't share it with me sooner??? Maybe because he knows mom is a little more excited that he is. Oh well . . . His fly date home is August 18th. Now that didn't excite me as much as I had thought. You see, I was planning on him returning around the 1st, the same day he left. As I have found out, the church does not always exactly match the date they leave. So, as excited as I am to have an actual date, I'm a little (notice I say little) disappointed that it is almost 3 weeks later than I had anticipated.

Chad comes home August 18, 2009!!!!!

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

Yeah! It's crazy to think how quickly that time will go by! And just think you will have two darling grand babies coming back home in June! That will definitely make the time go by faster! :)