Friday, February 13, 2009

Tyler Update . . .

Okay, so another little chickie has flown the coop. Tyler graduated last year and has been living at home working for a phone company. It just wasn't going anywhere, so he decided to try life somewhere else, Washington. Allen's sister has lived there for 20 years or so and loves it there. Anyway, to make a long story short, Tyler left Thursday morning. Lucky for him, Sam's sister, Marilyn (and family) live along the way. He stopped there and spent the night.
Thanks, Marilyn!!!
I know, the pictures are several years old, but that's okay.
They went to see Clyde (cousin) fiddle and got to visit with Aunt Rachel and her older son Dan. Tyler said he had a really nice time visiting with family. I am fully aware of how blessed I have been to have so much family who have accepted me and my children.
Friday morning he got up early and finished his drive in to Federal Way (south of Seattle). Now Tyler is on the hunt for a job. I ask that you  keep him in your prayers that he will be safe and find a job that will support a new life in WA.

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

Wow, good for him! Hopefully everything will work out well for him there.