Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dogpile on Kyle

The boys had so much fun climbing up on Kyle. Brayden didn't need any help. He got the hang of "dogpile" real fast.
Cade needed a little help getting up on top, but he also caught on real quick to the idea.
Kyle never did wear out playing with the two little ones. Instead, he started rolling the babies up like little baby tauquitos. Cade didn't like this game as much as the first, but look at that little face.
Kyle wrapped Brayden up, and ta-da . . . Brayden turned into Super Stretch. We did try rolling Brayden up like a tauquito, then unrolling him. The problem . . . Brayden unrolled so fast that it scared him and we didn't get any photos, darn!!
Even Gma got in on the fun playing with the boys. We had such a fun time.

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