Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's been so nice . . .

It has been so nice having Katy and Cade visit. Brayden has done well adjusting to sharing Gpa with others. Mainly because Gpa doesn't hold Cade as much as Gma does. Gpa gets a little nervous with the tiny ones. As soon as Cade starts to fuss, Gpa calls for Gma to come help. Of course Gma doesn't mind a bit, since Brayden won't give Gma the time of day whenever Gpa is around. It's really quite funny how jealous Brayden is of others. The other day Katy gave Sam a hug in front of Brayden. Brayden just stared and then hit Kyle (Kyle was the closest one). This is typical behavior for Brayden whenever anyone else is close to Sam. Sometimes he will throw what ever is in his hands, other times he'll hit who ever is the closest. We shouldn't laugh, but Brayden has claimed Gpa for his very own and I know that Gpa loves every minute of it.

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