Sunday, May 4, 2008

Aida and Ariah

I got these pictures from Annie's blog. The girls look absolutely beautiful in their Easter dresses. Don't we have the best looking grandkids ever?!?! That really wasn't a question, but a declaration!! I sure wish we were closer so we could see them in person. Hopefully soon.


Naomi said...

They are, indeed, beautiful girls. Their Mommy did a good job dressing them up, and the photographer chose charming poses. They look like two shining pieces of joy!

Nathan and Annie Miller said...

I'm glad to see our cute pride and joys on here! Seeing all of the other family photos sure does make us homesick! We are so excited to see everyone in June! I would be happy to help you put a slideshow on as a page element, just give me a call some time when you have a minute! Thanks for posting all of the fun pictures of the family! It is hard not being there for these kind of things!