Friday, May 30, 2008

Tyler Did It!!

Tyler worked hard those last few weeks, but he did it. He sure does make a good looking graduate. The day was wonderful. Graduation started at 9:00 at the Marriott Center. I saved seats for everyone. Grandma, Allen, Allison, Olivia, Michael, LeAnne, McKenzie, Becky, Brayden, Kyle, Sam, and I were all there cheering him on. It was funny watching each one stand in front of the PG for their picture as they walked for their diploma. Some were so tough and cool, others posed all cute and innocent (yeah, right), and a few really showed their stuff, but when it came time to toss their hats, only one was brave enough to defy district orders of not tossing their caps. The students were told it was a safety issue and if they did, they would not receive their diploma. The guilty ones would have to go to the district to obtain their diploma, lol. So on their final day, their moment they've all been waiting for, only one out of almost 500 seniors had the nerve to toss his hat. I guess their really not that big and bad. We went to lunch after and had a great time. The only thing missing was Chad, but he'll be home soon enough.

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