Sunday, May 4, 2008

News from Chad

I talked to Chad yesterday. He called to set up a time for me to call him on Mother's Day. Since there are 4 elders sharing an apartment, there are 4 sharing the phone for Mother's Day calls. I'm calling him at 7:30 local time, that's 4:30am Chad's time. He says he'll wake up quick and be okay. I'm remembering the Chad who took several hours after getting up to be social. I hope things have changed. I have found several sites that sell calling cards specifically for Ukraine. If I use the minutes all at once and don't plan on saving any minutes, I can get well over 300 minutes for $20. If I try to save minutes, they'll be eaten up by a variety of fees associated with the card. Chad is doing good and happy to be serving a mission for the church. We are so proud of him. I'll let you know more after we talk to him next week.

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