Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boys on Wheels

It was such a beautiful day here that Katy and I got an early start planting a few bulbs. Cade, Brayden and Kyle also got an early start playing around. These little trikes were a Christmas gift to Corey and to Becky. I think the boys have other ideas.

Cade kept dragging his feet when he had his shoes on. We tried to cross his legs across the top, but he'd put them down every time.
Brayden had no trouble at all. Even though he could make it go with his feet up, he was much faster with his feet down.
Kyle and his long legs gave Cade a ride. Cade was not real sure about the whole thing.
Cade all by himself was a lot happier even if he didn't go real fast. Take note of his curls, he has a haircut appointment later this afternnoon.
Brayden being Brayden.
Grandpa had to get into the act too, he tied a tow strap on and pulled Brayden around. All was going good until Grandpa turned, but Brayden didn't.
Kyle could only ride with Cade. Brayden wouldn't share with Kyle. lol
Now you tell me, which one is having more fun???
Of course, Katy had to get in on the action. She couldn't stand letting the boys have all the fun. No matter what, she's still the baby too.
Look out Brayden, Katy's behind the wheel!!!
Brayden having fun. What a good morning we had.

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

I've seen a couple of those trikes out here, they are pretty cool! It looks like they will brings hours of entertainment for all!