Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Full House

Gma and Gpa's house is definitely full these nights. Aaron is taking a CNA class Mon. - Wed. That means we get to babysit Ellie and Abbey on these nights. Becky is also taking classes Mon. - Wed. nights so that means Brayden is also here. Fortunately, Katy is home with us and yes that means Cade is here too. Count them, four beautiful grandbabies, at Gma and Gpa's house. Each one is so different with his/her own little personality. Don't let that word "little" fool you though, they may be small, but they make their likes and dislikes known. Sometimes they are letting us know all at the same time, whew!!! Regardless of the commotion, we both love having them close and getting to spend time with them. We really are blessed!!

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

Sounds like some crazy nights! We can't wait to see all these little cousins again...soon!