Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer, Finally

It seems that summer has been somewhat elusive this year. With Kyle getting out school two full weeks ahead of me, and the unusual amount of rain/storms we've had this June, I was wondering exactly when it would feel like summer. Well, I'm here to say that today it feels like summer!!! Kind of.  I got out of school last Friday, and the skies are blue today also, however I'm having to pay back a day to another teacher so I'm subbing today.

Katy, Tyler, Kyle, and Cade all went to the zoo today. I'm hoping they remembered to take their camera.
As you can see, they remembered the camera. I got these from Tyler.
These last two . . . I have some of Chad and Tyler when they were little just like these. I'm still in denial that my little baby boys are so grown up now.
Did I say grown up???
Don't worry Cade, someday you'll be big and tall too!!

The temperature is perfect for the zoo, about the mid 70's. I wish I was with them instead of here. Oh wait . . . it is sort of like a zoo, ha ha.

Tomorrow we head out to help Nathan and Annie move back. They will be driving back with the girls and we will be driving the U-haul. I wonder which of us will have the better drive????

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