Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

It was suppose to be a surprise, but so much for that. Katy and Becky are giving Sam a Not-so- Surprise Father's Day BBQ this afternoon. Now what Sam still does not know is it's a Luau Theme. I'll be bringing Sam's Hawaiian shirt and a lei for him to wear. Shhh . . . don't tell.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.
Happy Father's Day, Allen.
Happy Father's Day, Bob.
Last but not least . . .
Happy Father's Day, Aaron, Nathan, Jake, and Corey.

I know it's a ton of pictures, but it was so hard to choose.
Here's Katy putting on the Official Father's Day Hat!

Uncle Kyle is such a good uncle. Cade is attached and so is Kyle.

And yes, you guessed it . . . the Official Father's Day Cake. Don't you love Costco??

Such a nice picture of Sarah, Sam and Cade

Like Father, like son. In fact, on this blog is a picture of Sam and his dad sitting somewhat similar. It must run in the family.

Sam tickling Cade with some grass.

Aida, she'll be 4 in December. She's my best little friend and gives me lots of hugs.

In case you didn't know, all of Sam's kids have a thing about ears. They'll walk by and grab your lobes. Don't ask me why, but as you can see they start young, lol.

Cade playing in the baby toy. It's meant for Ashton, but Cade and Brayden both had to play in it. 
Ariah relaxing. Can you see her milk mustache??

Sarah giving Ashton kisses.

Robert and Aubrey

Aida was such a little helper. She passed out cake to everyone.

Tyler and Cade

You see what I mean?? It was too hard to choose, so I put a lot in. If you're really interested, I'll put the rest in an album on my facebook acount.


Lori said...

HappY fathers day! We are leaving wednesday and will come by before thento see you guys

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa , love the pictures, do put the rest on face book, LOL MOM

Nathan and Annie Miller said...

That was a fun get together! We'll have to have lots more!