Monday, July 6, 2009

Cade's Second Haircut

I wonder how many haircuts I'm going to document. You think when he's turning 14, I'll still be meeting him there with the camera in hand?? Okay, I know, it's got to stop sometime, but just look at him. You'd show up too!!!
Katy took him to a new place, Cookie Cutters. We couldn't figure out the name at first, but then we saw why. I'll share that one a little later. This place specializes in kid's cuts. 

All of the chairs are some kind of car, motorcycle, dune buggy, yep, I said dune buggy. Cade got the blue car, mainly because it was the smallest one there. 

Then they asked if he'd like a movie, a movie?!?! Each station has it's own TV and DVD player. If the child is old enough, they can play video games, really!!! Katy picked The Best of Elmo. As you can see from the pic above, Cade was glued.

Cade did great, no tears or screams. I wouldn't either if I got a car and a movie. I wonder if they do adults??

Ta Da . . . . isn't he gorgeous??? He looks so much older now, at least 20 months instead of his 18 months, ha ha.

Okay, so I said I'd tell you why the place is called Cookie Cutter. When Cade was finished he got to choose what color  balloon  he wanted. They attached it to a small weight with a sucker taped on. Upon closer look, we realized the weight was a cookie cutter, flag shaped to be exact. What a deal!!

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