Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shiloh National Military Park

Jerry, Kathy, Kyle and I went to Shiloh today. All those years I live here I never went to Shiloh. Why is it you seldom tour what's in your own state? Here's a short summary on the Battle of Shiloh.

Has any one else noticed the older you get the more interesting history is?? Why is that??? 
"The Battle of Shiloh was one of the first major battles in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. The two-day battle, April 6 and April 71862, involved about 65,000 Union troops under Ulysses S. Grant and Don Carlos Buell and 44,000 Confederates under Albert Sidney Johnston (killed in the battle) and P.G.T. Beauregard. The battle resulted in nearly 24,000 killed, wounded, and missing. The two days of fighting did not end in a decisive tactical victory for either side—the Union held the battlefield but failed to pursue the withdrawing Confederate forces. Strategically, however, it was a decisive defeat for the Confederate forces that had concentrated to oppose Grant's and Buell's invasion through Tennessee. The battlefield is named after Shiloh Methodist Church, a small log church near Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee."

Kyle's New Shoes . . . by the way, Kyle took this picture.

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