Thursday, June 12, 2008

Astronomy for Teachers

What a terrific week. My principle allowed myself and a co-worker to attend a week long astronomy class in Castle Dale. I was able to earn 3 credits from UVU by attending. My school district paid for all fees including food and lodging. What a great deal for me. I know . . . why Castle Dale?? Because of its location observing the night sky is particularly successful. I have learned so much this week. During the day we have class time. I have learned the difference between constellations and asterisms. I have learned the names of specific stars and been able to locate them in the night sky. Once it gets dark then we began the lab portion. We have been night sky watching for 3 nights. The first night out I saw Saturn's rings, WOW!!! The next night a storm blew in and we couldn't see much. The final night I saw the very most. However, we didn't leave until 3:30 am. The entire evening was not observing the sky. The last 2 hours were spend sitting around a fire with several other students waiting for an all important signature that could be exchanged for an A, no joke. That is a very long story, one I'd just soon forget. Otherwise, I have had an excellent experience where my interest in space has been peaked. I'm so excited about sharing this with my students next year.

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