Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sam and Kyle On the Road Again

Sam and Kyle left this morning heading for Texas. Kyle is expected at Grandpa's for the "Grandpa's Summer Trip for Cousins." This is Kyle's second year attending. He loves it. Last year Kyle, several cousins, and Grandpa went to Yellowstone National Park. This year they will be staying at Grandpa's house with daily field trips scheduled. It doesn't matter where they are, Kyle loves going (or maybe he loves leaving home, I'm not sure which). Because of my astronomy class I missed the drive to Texas. I'll be flying in on Saturday. Since we were not exactly invited to spend the week with Gpa and the kids, I suppose Sam and I will have to settle for a weeks vacation in Texas alone. Did you catch the end of that last sentence??? ALONE!! I'm sure we can somehow manage without the kids. LOL.

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