Saturday, January 3, 2009

Adventures from the Road

We left home at 4:00 (yes, I mean A.M.). We were a little slow at first, but then we picked up speed. We had very good weather the entire trip and arrived safely to each destination.
Allison was in charge of the camera. We have lots (and I do mean lots) of scenery pictures from the car. I'm only going to post the ones that . . . how do I say it . . . the ones that are good. Here is our first sunrise, somewhere in Wyoming.
Now if you ask Allison, she'll say I was driving too fast for her to get the picture, the truth is . . . Allison can't take a picture to save her life. However, she did get better as the trip progressed. BTW, we are crossing into Nebraska, if you couldn't tell.
This was our first sunset, somewhere in Nebraska. The colors are absolutely beautiful and yes, Allison did take this one, not too bad.

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