Monday, January 26, 2009

A Shark Cage??

Yep, that is a real shark. We went about 3 miles of the coast of Haliewa to find them. When the sharks hear the engine they expect to be fed. Fishing boats throw over any trash fish and the sharks love it. Now the tourist boats come, fortunately they don't throw over any tourist. There must have been 10-12 sharks swimming around.
Katy getting ready for her cage experience. The sharks weren't so bad, it was the motion sickness that got to several us that was scary.
Katy, Corey, and Kyle went together in the cage. Sam, Spencer, and I went the next time.
Once in the cage they let it out to float on top of the water. The sharks looked huge from this position. 2 sides of the cage had a large sheet of plexiglass so it looked as if there was nothing between you and the sharks. That was a bit freaky.
For those of us who were getting sea sick, the cage didn't help. We were tossed around in the cage and up against the cage. Sam, Katy and I were all glad to get back to land.
Sam waiting his turn. Cade was such a good little sailor.


Nathan and Annie Miller said...

Wow, what a crazy experience being that close to the sharks!

GeekSpence said...

Hey if you've scanned the prints from the cameras, would you email them to me? Thanks!