Monday, January 26, 2009

Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC)

Katy and I went to the PCC to visit all the villages. Once a day they have a canoe parade. Each culture has a boat with traditional dressed performers who dance. This particular one represents Tahiti. Their costumes really emphasize the hip movement.
We were learning how to make a fishing toy out of leaves, pretty cool.
It began raining on us and never quit. We were drenched by the time we went to the luau. The guys went to Waikiki for surfing lessons. They all said it was harder than they had expected, but they did actually stand and surf some. Corey thinks he's a pro-surfer now. I'd have to see to believe that one.
Our luau that the guys missed. Okay, don't feel too bad for them. Since they were late, there was no place to seat them at the luau. It was raining on several tables so they couldn't be used. Therefore . . . they were upgraded to the super ambassador buffet.
Katy and I had pork, rice and chicken.
The guys (upgraded) had prime rib, crab legs, mahi mahi, shrimp, and chicken. Katy and I were too full to enjoy any of their dinner. Oh well . . .
After the show we got some pictures with the dancers. Can you guess why both Spencer and Kyle have that giddy grin on their faces??

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

Talk about feeling a little cheated!