Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Late Christmas

Since we were heading in the right direction anyway, we stopped by to see Nathan, Annie, Aida, and Ariah. I haven't seen them since last summer when they came home for a visit. Aida wasn't feeling very well when we got there, but she perked right up when it was time to open our late Christmas gift. When I left home Sam reminded me to check the house one more time. I did and found our gift for Nathan and Annie. The bad news was when I picked it up, I set it back down in the kitchen and left it there. I'm so sorry Nate and Annie. I'll put it in the mail when I get home.
Each girl got a blanket. Aida got a stuffed horse in a carry purse, and Ariah got a musical donkey.
Ariah liked her donkey. If you pushed one arm it would sing ABC's, another leg would play music or sing another song.
Grandma loved seeing the girls. Aida was sweet and gave me loves and kisses. Ariah was a little less sure of who I was.

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

Thanks so much for visiting! We love seeing family, and I know the girls miss their grandparents too. Thanks for the gifts. Aida insists on sleeping with her blanket each night. In fact she got sick again on Friday, and was bawling that her blanket got messy. I had to immediately wash it and dry it to appease her. Both of the toys have been huge hits as well!