Tuesday, July 8, 2008

29 Palms, California

Kyle and I drove to 29 Palms to visit Katy,Corey, and Cade. The drive was not bad. As the day went on it got hotter and hotter. I watched the temperature climb from a cool 65 degrees to a toasty 117 degrees. Yes, that's what I said, 117 degrees. What kind of people live out here?? Oh yeah, marines!! It's a very nice base and Katy and Corey have a very nice home. Katy, Corey, and Kyle just got back from the commissary and said that the temperature has gone down to 113 degrees. I better get out my parka. Now to the important part of the trip, CADE. He has grown so much and he is still absolutely beautiful. He smiles and laughs and plays and laughs and melts Gma's heart. Tomorrow he has his 6 month check up so I'll let you know how much he weighs then. We plan on staying until Saturday. Watch for more to come.

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