Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Sam

Okay, so once you reach a certain age you really don't care for birthdays anymore. You know they have to come each year, but reminding everyone, loudly, like when you were 16 just isn't the way you want to celebrate. So . . . with that in mind, I agreed when Sam answered my yearly question "What do you want to do this year for your birthday?"  Sam answered, "Dinner, just the two of us." We went to Ruby River for a steak. They have the best steak and what's even better is we always take home enough leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. How can you beat two for the price of one?  I plan on having the kids over this weekend for a small birthday dinner. It's difficult to get everyone free on the same night. They all have busy lives with work, school and families. It will be a while before we have all 10 together with three living out of state. One is out of state for school, another out of state with the military, and the third out of country on a church mission. I look forward to the day when all 10 plus grandkids can be here at the same time. I think I'll plan those birthday parties outside at a park, LOL.

Happy Birthday Sam, We Love You!!

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