Thursday, July 24, 2008

So What Do You Get A Man Who Has It All??

That's the question. What do you get a man who has all that he needs? Another CD? Movie? Book? How about a trip? That wouldn't work since we just got back from a quick trip away to celebrate our anniversary. Just about then Katy called and gave some help. Here's what we came up with.
A photo collage for him to hang in his office at work, and yes, he liked it very much. This one will match the framed photo we got in Hawaii that he has at work. It may look simple, but it was difficult to pick just the right pictures. I think it turned out nice. One more time . . .
Happy Birthday Sam, We Love You!!


Nathan and Annie Miller said...

What a great idea! Happy Birthday again Sam-your gift will be there soon!

katy brown said...

aww I love it! You did good. Who is that good looking brown haired girl in the pictures?... oh wait its me. jk I was going through an awkward stage then haha.