Monday, July 21, 2008


We have done it. We have booked our flights and our vacation home for January. Sam and I have been wanting to go back to Hawaii ever since we did the Hawaii cruise in 2006. This time we wanted to go and just stay on one island, Maui. However, after researching many, many options we decided on North Shore, Oahu. Katy, Corey, Cade, Kyle, and Spencer (Kyle's friend) will be joining us. This will be thier first time to Hawaii. We were hoping Becky and Brayden would be coming, but circumstances have changed. There is room for 2 more just in case things change again. We are so excited to escape the winter cold for the hawaiian sun and sand. I'll post some pictures of where we are staying as soon as I can.


Nathan and Annie Miller said...

This sounds so fun! I can't wait until the time comes that we have the time and money to visit sunny places such as these!

katy brown said...

We are so excited for the trip! i can't wait to see hawaii.