Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Beautiful Fall Day

Today was a perfect day for a Fall drive. The air was cool and the colors are really starting to come out. Sam and I go on quite a few drives each Fall to watch the change in the leaves, but today Becky and Brayden came with us. We asked Kyle to come, but he had some playing plans and didn't want to be stuck in a car with us. We had some clouds and even a few showers, but we didn't let that stop us. At one point we did take refuge under a tree to keep from getting too wet. As usual, it didn't last long.

Sam in his new "tree hugger" jacket
Me humoring Sam by letting him take the picture, and my mom by putting it on the blog.
Brayden and Gma sitting on the rocks.
It just didn't matter what we did. Brayden would not smile when Becky was holding him. Oh well, this picture still turned out cute with or without a smile.
However, he would smile with Gma.

Check out Becky's blog for more pictures of our day.


Nathan and Annie Miller said...

I sure do miss those canyons! Tell Sam I am sorry that I had to rush off of the phone the other day, my friend was waiting in the driveway for me to go with them to take some family photos for them. I felt bad though, so tell him for me! I did appreciate his advice, and I already took off dates, locations, and full names. I still need to remove or update some pictures, so I am going to get that done too. Tell him thanks for the head up!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Hi, I clicked over from LDS WOmen Bloggers. Very cute pictures of what looks like a fun day. You have a very cute blog. I love the animated buttons on your side bar.

katy brown said...

aw brayden is getting so big. I can't wait for Indio! it's so close yay! the only thing I can think about u guys bringing is yourselves. love you guys