Monday, September 8, 2008

Let Us Never Forget

I'm hoping this week that we never forget the heroism we saw that dreadful day. I'm hoping this week we can all remember the sacrifice being made by so many sons and daughters on our behalf. I'm hoping this week that those same sons and daughters may return home safe and proud  for a job well done. I'm hoping this week that we stand together as Americans,  proud of our country and the freedoms we enjoy. This week especially I pray that God may bless our country and her people. This week especially I give thanks to God above for the priviledge to having been born American.


katy brown said...

hey I remember going to see the flags. Yes I did get the package the clothes are so cute I can't wait til he can fit in them sorry I was gonna call but I got busy and forgot. I will call you later love you!

Nathan and Annie Miller said...

I think it is sad that the 11th isn't as remembered as it should. I definitely second everything said!