Monday, September 1, 2008

A Stop at Multnomah Falls

We left early Friday morning headed for Portland. When I say early, I mean early. We were out of the house by 4:30, yes, A.M. I drove most of the way, but Becky took over for a few hours while I helped with Brayden. I think she made up a lot of time, but I never did ask exactly how fast she was going. I figured what I didn't know was best and of course any tickets would be left up to her.
We stopped at Multnomah Falls, about 25 miles east of Portland. The last time I was there, their were only 2 maybe 3 cars in the parking lot. This time the parking lot was full. We were all happy to get out of the van for a little while. (Just as soon as I find my camera disk, I'll post some pics.)
Brayden was not at his best. We got some ice cream and at first he was happy about that. After only a few licks he was ready to hit the ground running. When Becky told him not to go any farther, he dropped to his knees and looked as if he was praying to Allah. The funny thing was watching the people pass by. Most didn't even notice him, much less stop to think where his parents were. So there he stayed refusing to come back and have more ice cream. Imagine that, a kid who doesn't want ice cream.

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