Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chad heading to Bulgaria

Chad is on his way to Bulgaria to renew his visa this weekend. He'll be gone 5 days I think. They're the first 12 missionaries to be subject to this new government regulation of having to leave the country each 12 months to renew visas. I know the missionaries in Russia have to do this, but I'm not sure how often. I hope to hear from him even if he is on the move.

Here are some pictures the senior couple sent for Chad. He's been having a hard time getting pictures sent lately from the internet cafe. Thank goodness for senior couples.

Farewell meeting with Alosha Okolit. They visit Okolit's weekly to take the sacrament to their daughter who can't walk and to 80 year old Galina who can't get to church. Okolit's love them.
Dam on Dneper River. Biggest hydroelectric dam in the world when it was built around 1920
Working at a member's dacha (country garden plot)
Mikhail's (Man in white on left) baptism, September 14, 2008. His wife was baptized exactly 7 years ago.
Elders singing harmony for the baptismal sevice
Vova went with to street contact with their brand new signboards

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