Monday, September 1, 2008

A Misplaced Cooler

Many of you know Sam was in Denver for the DNC, Democratic National Convention. He was actually just a little south of Denver. While he was there, a small drink cooler caused a b--- scare. (I'm not wanting to create any attention to my blog by the wrong peole. )
Anyway, a cooler was found sitting on the ground behind their Emergency Response Vehicle, ERV. This caused quite a bit of anxiety. The police were called and the "ka-boom" squad were called out. Fortunately, before any real excitement started, they talked to Sam on the phone and asked him if he knew anything about a cooler left by the ERV. Well . . . Sam tells them "yeah, I left it there. It was rolling around in the van." Of course Sam didn't want anyone to take it, so he left it right behind the ERV.    LOL   LOL   LOL 
You know, I just can't let him go anywhere without me.


Nathan and Annie Miller said...

Yeah, that sounds about right. Dad with a bunch of Democrats. No wonder there was a "mis-placed" cooler.
Love Nathan

katy brown said...

that is too funny. smart thinking dad. love u!