Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ashton and Cade

Ashton came over one night. We had 3 little boys, ages 2, 1 and 4 months. Wow! Have I forgotten what it's like to babies in the house. The greatest difference is I get to play and leave all the work to their moms. Being a Grandma really is as good as they say.

Cade really wanted to play with Ashton, but I'm not so sure Ashton wanted to play with Cade.

Cade normally looks so small compared to Brayden, but tonight, Cade looked pretty big compared to Ashton. Cade really had a a thing for Ashton's head.

Cute, Cute, Cute, what more can I say?
Cade finally had enough. He's big enough to climb up the stairs, but he's still figuring out how to get down the stairs. If we sit him on the bottom step, he's stuck.

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

What cute little boys! We can't wait to meet both Cade and Ashton! We just can't believe they will be so old when we finally get to!