Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Dinner

We had Christmas Eve Dinner at our place this year.  It was very nice. I'll only bore you with the highlights of the evening.  We had chicken enchiladas and tamales. Here's Katy, Corey, and Robert already filling up their plates.
Grandma and Kyle are busy on the apetizers, especially with those jalapeno poppers.  Allison and Livvy couldn't make it, but Gma and Allen came over.
Robert, Jake and Jen opening their presents from us.
For those of you who didn't know, Katy's husband, Corey, is one of Robert's best friends from the time they were little. In fact, Robert and Corey both were in my 5th Grade class. Now that Corey is part of the family, there's even more mayhem when we all get together.
Early in the eveing I could tell how things were going to go. Corey took Katy out and dropped her in the snow. While Kyle was up close and personal watching, Robert came up behind him and got Kyle too.
So the story goes . . . When the kids were small Corey was over hanging out with Robert when Becky came home. Being boys, Robert and Corey started messing with Becky and got her real mad. She chased them outside and they climbed up on the shed to get away from her. Well, that made them sitting ducks for Becky and a few rocks.
Now flash ahead about 10-12 years. Robert and Corey are a lot bigger now than back then, so they had a little pay back. They literally picked Becky up and carried her out the back door. Oh, you probably heard the screaming yourself.
Here's Becky coming back in the house. She looked so mad that I didn't push it and take any close ups. She was as mad as a wet cat.
Here's Robert leaving. He's always the first to leave, probably a hot date.
Uncle Robert with Brayden, there's some strong similaritites between the two.
Ashton, Jake and Jen's baby, with the blanket that Grandma Lisa (Yep, that's me) made him for Christmas. In fact, all 8 grandbabies got baby quilts for Christmas. Gma Alene and Allison helped me tie and bind all 8. I couldn't have done it without all their help.
Cade climbing up the stairs to the kitchen. He loves the stairs. He's still working on going down, but boy does he have the going up.
Tyler patiently waiting his turn for dinner.

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

It looks like everyone had a great time! We are excited to be amongst the chaos next year! Oh, and I won't tell the girls what Grandma made for them! :)