Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Morning

This is what we woke up to Christmas morning. What a perfect white Christmas.
Tyler and Cade happy with thier stockings.
Brayden and his Hot Wheels truck. It was a Cars Christmas for this little boy. Have you noticed his haircut yet?
The first of many, many, many gifts for Cade. You'd think it was his first Christmas or something.
Sam got me a carry case for my Cricut. He wrapped it in a really big box so I couldn't guess what it was. He thinks that's funny.
Katy opening Cade's blanket from Gma. Silly me, I was so proud of the blankets that I gave away the surprise for Annie and the girls. I wasn't even thinking that she'd know what I got for the girls. It's a good thing that they don't read my blog. Annie, Sorry for giving away the surprise.
Kyle used to get so mad when we would put bows on his head, it didn't seem to bother Cade at all.
A very happy Brayden. However, that didn't last all morning. I think it was overload for him. He wanted to play and Becky kept giving him more to open. Ahh, I do remember those days. . .
Tyler was very generous toward Kyle this year and got him an iPod. Kyle has been listening nonstop since.
I got Sam a speaker system to go in the bedroom. This way he, okay us, can hear the TV without having to blast the volume down the stairs.
As you can tell we had a great Christmas. I think what was best of all was having so much family with us this Christmas morning. We are so appreciative to have our kids and grandkids share their lives with us. It truly is family being together that makes any day, especially Christmas, a very special day. I look forward to the rest of our family returning home and spending time with them.
We hope you had a warm and loving Christmas this year.
Mom, we will be there soon and have a late, but special Christmas with you, too.

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