Friday, December 12, 2008

I Found It

I was telling you about the picture with Chad, Ryan, their dads, and Gma Nola, well I found it. Debora, can you remember this like it was yesterday? I certainly can. Ryan was almost 2 months and Chad was almost 1 month. Aren't they the cutest little things?? And now, 20 years later, Chad is in Ukraine, and Ryan is heading off to Taiwan. I'm so proud of our 2 boys. Did I mention how cute they are?? LOL


Debora said...

Ya!! You just saved me a ton of time searching through all of my albums!! I have been wanting to find this same picture and the one with Grandma Nola holding them but we are still boo hooing after dropping Ryan off to the MTC on Wednesday!!! (See his Blog with all of us girls wearing no makeup!) Thanks for posting it, it brings back wonderful memories.

Rose said...

What a great photo! they all are so young.