Monday, December 8, 2008

Chad and Ryan

Okay, so the picture of the two boys as babies was not where I thought it was, but I did find this picture of Chad and Ryan. They were both about 5 1/2 years old. Aren't they the cutest little boys??? Allen and Gordon still look young. LOL  (Back in those days we all looked young.) We were on a trip somewhere (I can't remember where) and happened to by driving through their hometown. We stopped by for a visit.  I wish I could remember more details of the trip, but age really is catching up with me. Oh well, regardless of my memory, the pictures look great!!

Do you notice the little Power Rangers Ryan is holding?? They were the hottest thing going back in the day. I know I spent many hours waiting in line and calling Toys R Us to get the newest one out. I wonder if either boy has any packed away??


Anonymous said...

I've not seen these pictures before. They are so cute. Gma Alene

Anonymous said...

I love seeing picture from the past show more of them. Mom