Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Chairs

We've been needing some new chairs. Our current chairs are 13 years old and have survived many kids, kind of. Now our sad little chairs are being loved and used by sweet grandchildren. (Of course, all our grandchildren are sweet, okay maybe somedays a little tart.)

Anyway, I asked Sam what he thought about getting some new chairs. Since our goal is to become debt free, he suggested we wait a little longer until a few more little hands and feet have moved along. I hate it when he is sooo right. Instead, I suggested reupholstering the chairs. This was a much better idea, and one that fit more into our budget. So . . . off we went to Hancocks while they were still having their after Thanksgiving sale, no, it wasn't on Black Friday.

Ta da . . . from this . . .
to this. . . New Chairs!!

I love them.

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

They look so good! I'm a huge fan of red.