Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Letter from Chad

I try to keep everyone posted on how Chad is doing on his mission. I have seen some wonderful blogs dedicated to an Elder and his mission. (My nephew just got his call and his family is doing a blog for him. BTW, it looks great!!)
However, I'm just not that organized. So I do my best by sharing bits about Chad as his mission, as well as the rest of my family. This week's letter from Chad had a few interesting things that I wanted to share.
The first one being what Chad saw last week and the second some advice he gave to Kyle. Kyle has a talk in church on Sunday about having a brother who is a full time missionary and the meaning of missionary work.

Chad's Story:

"Oh I forgot to mention, we saw a guy get hit by a car about a week or two ago. He was crossing the street and a car was slamming on its brakes. Well it hit the guy and lucky enough he did not die, but we think his leg was broke. His beer flew about ten feet. There was not much we could do so we left."
Tips for Kyle's talk:
"Now pay attention here, Kyle, this might help you prepare for that talk. Today I had the privilege of listening to President Pieper teach us. When you read in 2nd Nephi 2:14. It talks about there are two different kinds of people, those who act and those who are acted upon. Like a stone we can just sit there and do nothing, and anything that happens, we just go with. Or we can act. In this case meaning that we need to take action with the things that are given to us. We can ask questions and get others to find them or we can search for them ourselves. Father gave us the scriptures, and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Remember that God gives us blessings if we seek and ask for them. Also many blessings come only after the trail of our faith. Another thing we talked about was D&C 20:37, which talks about the requirements of baptism. These also work for the less active coming back or anyone within the church. Take some time and read and study this verse, and ask yourself, do you, on this next Sunday, meet these requirements???? The sacrament is the time to renew our baptismal covenants.  Also members should not be afraid to talk to their friends and neighbors about the Gospel. They are not forcing it upon anybody. It is only an invite. These are just a few of the things we talked about."
It all sounds like good advice to me. Thanks Chad for all you do for us here at home.

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