Friday, November 7, 2008

Will they ever end??

I know you're asking if our trip pictures will ever end. Well, I'm asking that too. I never realize how many pictures I take until I start deciding what to do with them all.  I think we are so lucky to have digital cameras. It's so much better than that old roll of 36. Now I can snap hundreds without even thinking about it. 
These pictures are of us at the pool in Indio. Considering the cold and snow we have now, these look especially good and WARM.
Katy and Kyle look so tan.
Cade's little hat wasn't meant to be a sailor hat, but Grandpa had to help with that.
Brayden always looked so white. We worried that the California sun would toast him a little too much. We really soaked him him sun screen.

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

I too take way too many pictures! Hence all of the pictures on each post on my blog! I just don't want to leave out any good ones!