Sunday, November 2, 2008

Palm Springs Tram

I finally got more pictures from our California trip. This is the Aerial Tram in Palm Springs. The tram you ride up rotates providing everyone a 360 degree view. The desert was so hot, but up top was about 30-35 degrees cooler. A jacket would have been nice especially for Katy whose blood has really thinned living in 29 Palms. I absolutely loved it. It felt like home, mountains, trees, cool weather.

Brayden needed several time outs along the way. If you watch, you'll see him sitting down. It's only funny now, it didn't seem too funny then. By the time we got back to our condo, we were all needing some time out

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

Great shots! Looks like you fit in a lot on this vacation!